New Tool : Writer’s Block Cure

Since we added Plot Generator to our tool set in 2011, people have been using it to help with writer’s block, for example generating blurbs and story ideas. However, Writer’s Block doesn’t always strike at the beginning of a project. Sometimes you’re part way through writing a film or novel and you find yourself unsure what to write next. With that in mind, we’ve created a new generator specifically designed to tackle writer’s block at all stages of the project.

When you go to Cure Writer’s Block, we ask you whether you’ve already started the story. If you haven’t, we write you a list of ideas to get you started. If you have, we then gather details about your characters then generate a list of prompts to help you move forward to the next part of your story.

You can generate up to 50 prompts at a time. There is a random element, meaning that the 50 suggestions do change subtly from use to use (in addition to bending to fit your characters). If you request less than 50, we choose some at random from our master list.

Here are some example suggestions it gave us when we asked for hints on our novel about characters called Lauren Kowalskim, Gary Raymond and Gemma Blunder.:

– Change Lauren Kowalski into a different outfit. What’s the reason for the costume change?

– Gemma Blunder notices something unexpected in the background of an old photo.

– Give Gary Raymond a disability. How will that affect the rest of the story?

– Mention that Gemma Blunder has a scar and describe how it got there.

– Gary Raymond notices some intriguing footprints.

– Write about the characters on holiday. Use what you learn about them to steer your story.

– Gary Raymond shouts, “I’ll bite your legs off!”

Have a play with Cure Writer’s Block. Which suggestions you found the most helpful and why?