Heroes and Villains – Two New Name Generators

Since we launched Name Generator, in January 2017, you have been able to use our Character Name Generator to name all manner of characters. However, we noticed that lots of you were specifically interested in naming your heroes and villains, so we decided to create two new name generators: Hero Name Generator and Villain Name Generator.

The new generators work similarly to our character name generator, in that they allow you to narrow down by gender, nationality and name popularity, but they add an extra level: the opportunity to create a comic-book-style alias like Clark Kent’s Superman and Bruce Wayne’s ‘Batman’.

The alias’s are based on an adjective and animal provided by you. We use a thesaurus to find related words so that we can suggest a variety of different suggestions. For example, I asked the generator to come up with names for a female, British superhero with an alliterative name. I gave it the adjective ‘colourful’ and the animal ‘starfish’. Hero name generator suggested:

  • Emma Engle AKA Starfish-Woman
  • Harriett Hewitt AKA Doctor Iridescent
  • Tahlia Timms AKA Doctor Prismatic
  • Christianne Cresswell AKA Sea-Woman

Villain Name Generator works in a similar way, but with an emphasis on evil.