Contest 1 – Spring Poem Competition

Update 13.04.2018: The Spring Poetry Contest has now closed. But please do look out for further competitions.

This Easter, why not celebrate spring with a little competition?

Who can write the best springtime poem using one of our Poem Generators?

The winners’ poems will be published on our blog.

How to enter:
1. Go to
2. Choose the type of poem you’d like to create.
3. Enter some words to inspire your poem.
4. Refresh or tweak your poem until you’re completely happy with it.
5. Click ‘Publish’ to save the poem.
6. Select ‘Enter poem into our Spring Poetry Contest’.

The entry button looks like this:

A wide variety of poem types are available to choose from, including free verse, sonnets, acrostics, haiku, limericks, rhyming couplets, and our new poem type Love Poem Generator.